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Valdelaseras Oil is a unique oil of extreme purity where we only use the juice of our olives obtained from the first cold extraction. Only in this way can we guarantee an oil of extraordinary qualities.

The machinery used in our mill lacks heat application processes, or review machines, that degrade the quality of the oil. The great difference of the first cold extraction (below 27ºC) offers high quality organoleptic characteristics and is also the method that best preserves the nutritional values of the oil and is therefore more beneficial. This method, more laborious, is the one we use in Valdelaseras and it is the one that obtains the essence of the olive. In our case it is a commitment to our customers.

OIL 500ml
Carton Tube Presentation

All our varieties are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, having a Premium option is that of a gourmet oil where the flavor and unctuousness are unique, an ECO version from a sustainable crop with all the flavor that nature offers us, and an extra virgin version of everyday use perfectly balanced for cooking or dressing. All of them cold extraction using the pulp of the olive and extracting all the essence that only the best oil can offer.

We hope you enjoy our oil, as much as we strive to produce a quality oil, flavor and nutritional properties of supreme quality.

Oil 500ml - Two Bottles

Premium Oil Luxury Box Limited Edition

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